How to sew cover for stool

How to sew cover for stool

Stools – wooden, plastic or metal chairs without back with square or round seats. Thanks to lack of back, they look is less bulky, than normal chairs also are steadier. It is convenient furniture for kitchen or the children's room. The stool seat is often done of rigid materials without upholstery therefore for those who want to sit down more cozy it is possible to sew for stool cover with foam rubber.

It is required to you

  • Dense upholstery fabric 2 width long of stool of +3 cm
  • 9 flat buttons
  • Piece of foam rubber 1-2 cm thick by the stool seat size
  • Tape or piece of cord of 1-1.3 m


1. Invert stool legs up, put it on the newspaper or on any piece of paper and circle seat contour. It will be A. Vyrezhte's part the received pattern and cut out two identical parts on fabric And, having added from each party 1 cm on seams.

2. Cut out from the remained fabric 4 parts In which long party is equal to the party of seat of stool plus 2 cm on side seams. To learn part width In, measure thickness of seat of stool and increase it by 4. It will be side parts of cover.

3. Precisely on part And cut foam square. Enclose it between fabric and prometayta at the edges manually large stitches, receding on 1 cm. Stitch seam on the machine.

4. Plan places where buttons will be sewn. For this purpose chalk or thin piece of soap line upper part of cover on grid 4х4. In knots of grid sew buttons.

5. Sew side parts of cover from each party. Leave not sewn all allowances for seams, iron them on inner side. Their Otstrochite from cover, but not up to the end, on the distance equal to stool seat width.

6. Iron edge of the long parties of side seams inside, put in half and pristrochita in drawstring. Pass throughout it tape, dress cover on stool and tie tape more tightly, fill the ends of knot under cover.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team