How to sew covers on upholstered furniture

How to sew covers on upholstered furniture

The upholstery on furniture can quickly grow dull and in the same time the furniture can still just not manage to lose the utilization properties. In such cases it is reasonable "to update" a little it covers just for decoration which will prolong upholstery life cycle for several years.

It is required to you

  • - fabric for removal of pattern;
  • - upholstery fabric;
  • - edging;
  • - strip from polyurethane tape;
  • - material for tamping (in case you want to make pillows softer);
  • - lightnings, on one on each pillow;
  • - pins;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads.


1. It is simple to sew covers on upholstered furniture, the main thing that measurements have been taken correctly. Therefore very carefully remove them from chair or sofa, considering length and width of back and side panels from internal and outer side, width and length of the place for pillow and also parameters of the pillow and front panels sofa or chair.

2. Pay special attention to armrests and think over as covers will be to be stirred on them and where seams will be located.

3. Add up to 20 cm to each part of pattern from all directions "on stock".

4. Then find all parts. At the same time it is desirable to mark them with numbers then not to get confused when tailoring. Also find strip which width is equal to 7.5 cm. Length of strip has to be equal to length of the upper edge of sofa or chair to fix on it future cover.

5. Start tailoring. In the beginning sew small parts among themselves, and then cover parts. In work use strong threads from polyester in order that seams were strong.

6. Use edging as decorative element, for example, on armrest, at edges of frill, on back. By the way, the edging strengthens seams therefore for these purposes use it in cover.

7. Sew molniy it is necessary to Place it in chair in seam on back (backside), in sofa – to use in back seams.

8. Pristrachivy lightning, use special claw (in it teeth are located very closely to the turned-in edge). That there were no many seams, scribble on that groove on which the edging is sewn.

9. Check, the lightning is how correctly sewn. For this purpose few times open and close it.

10. Put on cover sofa and where the tape is sewn, by means of pins record cover on sofa or chair, clasp all lightnings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team