How to sew curtains on loops

How to sew curtains on loops

It is possible to admire long abilities of the best friend who has made own hands curtains on windows. And it is possible to sew not less beautiful curtains on loops with elegant wide folds too. And, they, depending on the chosen fabric, can decorate any room.

It is required to you

  • - fabric
  • - the glued gasket material
  • - threads
  • - meter
  • - scissors
  • - pins


1. In order that to sewto curtains on loops, at first establish eaves bar at least on 8 cm over window opening. Calculate length of curtains, having receded on 3 cm from eaves down and having measured necessary length.

2. Calculate fabric length necessary on curtains. For this purpose to length of ready curtain add 11.5 cm necessary for processing of the bottom and upper edge, still add 10 cm for strip of turning of upper part of curtains and length of loops. To learn width of one cloth of curtain, increase width of window by 1.5.

3. You will find panels of curtains and turning. For turning cut off on one strip of fabric on each curtain 10 cm wide and length, the corresponding width of curtain. For each strip of turning you will find strip of sticky material of the same length and 8 cm on width.

4. Decide on width of loops (optimum width of 5-7 cm). Count quantity of loops which will have to sustain fabric weight. Optimum distance between loops – width of two loops. To measure length of necessary parts, add 8 cm to bar circle length. Cut fabric on strips of the necessary length. Width has to be equal to width of ready loop increased by two with addition of 2 cm on seams.

5. On cloths of curtains from sides make podgib to reverse 1 cm, and then still turn in 2 cm of fabric. Press podgiba and stitch along the line of internal bend.

6. Tuck bottom edge of curtains to reverse at first on 2.5 cm, and then on 7.5 cm, iron. Tuck the formed corners in bend that between the lower and side bend one diagonal line was formed. Stitch lower podgib. Sew joints of corners secret stitches.

7. Put preparations for loops lengthways, face side inside and prostrachivayta longwise with space of 1 cm. Turn out loop and, having arranged seam in the center of loop, press.

8. Put cloth of curtain reverse down and since both ends pin on the loop put in half. Spread out other preparations at identical distance and too pin to curtain. You watch that cuts were equal.

9. Apply strips of lining material to inner side of strips of turning and along long edge make podgib 2.5 cm. Stitch parts.

10. Spread out tape for turning to loops up by that party on which lining material is visible. Level cuts. Tack along all top side of curtain and sew all layers together, having left allowance - 1.5 cm.

11. Turn out loops outside, and turning to reverse of curtains and press. Sew all raw edges secret stitch to side podgiba of curtain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team