How to sew curtains on windows

How to sew curtains on windows

Windows consider by house "window to the soul" therefore and it is necessary to decorate them especially carefully. The London, Austrian, Roman curtains, accordion pleats and blinds - there is huge number of types of curtains, but this division rather conditional. To decorate window, use various combinations and think out own.


1. The choice of fabrics for tailoring of curtains is various: dense portyerny fabrics, velvet, organza, linen. It is possible to sew curtains with ties, on drawstring and on eyelets. Eyelets, perhaps - one of the best ways to emphasize beauty of fabric. Soft and expressive folds which are formed by means of eyelets will perfectly decorate window.

2. Width of curtains has to equal 1:2. Use even quantity of eyelets that the left and right edges of curtain have been turned in one party.

3. At first stitch side cuts of curtain. Sew on big table that the seam was not displaced, hold it with two hands.

4. Unbend the upper edge of curtain on ten centimeters and glue it with interlining or the special lyuversny film which can be acquired in salon. The distance from the center of opening to the upper edge of curtain has to be five centimeters.

5. Further calculate location of openings under other eyelets thus: width of portiere minus six centimeters (allowances for podgibka of side cuts of curtain) and minus 5х2 (extreme eyelets). Divide what at you has turned out into quantity of eyelets. Thus, you receive length of openings between centers. Optimum distance between eyelets - 18 cm.

6. Cut through openings for eyelets special adaptation – the punch. If you have no such adaptation, address to the studio specializing in tailoring of curtains. For small fee will insert eyelets by your sizes there. It is possible to hang up curtains on eaves and to issue them beautiful pickups.

7. Pay attention - to prevent shrinkage, before production of curtains wet fabric or make contraction allowances that after the first washing they could be extended. to rust. Look after them by means of the vacuum cleaner with soft brush nozzle. To clean curtains from fine fabric make of thin muslin cover with elastic band on the one hand that it could be put on brush and thus to soften contact between fabric and brush of the vacuum cleaner. And before ironing, surely take samples on fabric rag.

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