How to sheathe chair

How to sheathe chair

Very many people are engaged in shingling of chairs. Before changing upholstery, it is necessary to choose style which you would like to create. All chairs in itself are unique. When modeling it is the best of all to use plain, light fabric. Dream more and experiment.


1. It is necessary to begin with percale. Pick up piece of fabric 8 centimeters bigger, than surface which needs to be covered. For a start it is necessary to cover front part of chair back. Fabric needs to be imposed so that share thread coincided with vertical middle line of back. Straighten percale from the center to the periphery. Through each 5 centimeters pin up it pins. It will help to get rid of possible folds.

2. Make dense covering of all chair. Surplus of fabric it is necessary to remove, leave only about 2.5 centimeters of allowance for seams at the edges and on seat. If between back and seat there is interval, then in it it is necessary to palm off percale and to make fold. If at chair lobby fading convex, then it is possible to make on tuck corners. It will help to remove excess matter.

3. For check it is possible to chop off tucks pins. At once it will become visible as far as they are correct. Tucks have to correspond to sample precisely. Only after that it is possible to stitch them on the main fabric.

4. If at chair the back too thick, then surely is required special insert which connects its front and back panels. Make measurements of width of insert. It has to be equal to back thickness.

5. Make strip of the corresponding width, and then pin edge pins to front part of back. Seams need to be chopped off pins. Make similar actions also with other party.

6. Other strip needs to be imposed over chair back. It is also possible to find tselnokroyeny insert from one piece. Cut out and adjust back panel of back. Surely cut allowances for seams. They have to be no more than 2.5 centimeters. After all this is made, it is possible to begin to pull out pins. Further it is possible to use separate parts of curve for cover. Cut out similar elements from the main fabric.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team