How to sheathe door

How to sheathe door

Finishing of timber outer door leatherette or leather is rather widespread. To sheathe door independently not and it is difficult as it seems. It is only necessary to stock up with the necessary materials, the tool and to follow our recommendations.

It is required to you

  • * Fabric for upholstery;
  • * Foam rubber or reservoir batting;
  • * Nails;
  • * Finishing nails;
  • * Scissors;
  • * Screw-driver;
  • * Scrap;
  • * Hammer


1. At first it is necessary to remove doors from loops. For this purpose open door wide open, substitute under it scrap or wooden bar and pressure him. The door will rise and will descend from loops. Remove all metal parts from door: the handle, the lock turn off loops. You will have wooden cloth of door which you also will sheathe.

2. The next stage – pattern of parts of covering. If the door opens outside, then find cloth of leatherette 10 cm more widely and more long than the door. Also cut off 1 strip 14 cm wide and of door height, and 2 - in door width.

3. Create 3 rollers from strips and foam rubber. For this purpose impose strips reverse outside, having given them from edge of door, and beat. Enclose evenly twisted rollers from batting or foam rubber. Bend leatherette strip, and beat this edge to door. As a result at you the rollers supporting edges of door cloth which will protect the apartment from blowing off by wind from entrance have to turn out.

4. Distribute on the area of door evenly batting, from above impose leatherette stock in 6-8 cm from that party where there will be loops. Then tuck edges and beat from three parties of rabbet so that the nails holding rollers were closed.

5. In the center of panel hammer decorative tack. Further beat nails according to the drawing conceived by you. It must be done, that foam rubber or batting under leatherette did not move down.

6. When the upholstery is ready, fasten all elements which you have removed before door covering, and hang it on loops back. Right at the end beat free edge which you left with stock to platband of door opening the same finishing nails. Thus, you not only have decorated the door, but also have reliably protected the house from blowing off.

7. If the door for any reason opens inside, then the main cloth is found by the door sizes with allowance in 1-2 cm for bend and 4, but not by(with) 3 strips: 2 short and 2 long by the sizes of door case, but not door. Then on 4 parties form rollers and from above beat the main cloth of leatherette.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team