How to sheathe the house brick

How to sheathe the house brick

The house sheathed by brick looks richly and beautifully. Such house keeps heat better that is very important during the autumn and winter period. In the summer in it not hot. It is possible to sheathe the house by means of brick by own efforts. However it is necessary to know the basic principles which cannot be broken.

It is required to you

  • - brick;
  • - heater;
  • - solution for laying;
  • - nails.


1. Before covering the house is recommended to be warmed. It is possible to use sheet heater or to carry out charge by haydite. There is one nuance: the building made of tree before warming should be processed twice (every other day) means against fungus that the tree has not blossomed and has not become covered by mold.

2. The brickwork has considerable weight therefore it is necessary to make the good base. Its width should not be less than 30 centimeters. After filling of the base it should be isolated roofing material. Strips of this material have to support on 6-7 centimeters edge of laying.

3. Having finished with the base, it is possible to start warming. It is better to impose heater in two ranks reliably to block joints and not to allow heat leakage. Production of brick socle will be the next stage.

4. Choose brick which you will sheathe the house. Count how many material will be required to you. Approximate proportions - 50 bricks on square meter of the area. It is possible to use normal or lime sand brick, and it is possible to buy the brick for facing made of clay. Check quality of brick, having struck it. If material makes ringing sound and has uniform color, then you have bought quality goods. Do not use brick which has chips and damages.

5. Start covering. Use the normal solution for laying made of cement and sand (proportion 1:4) with water addition. You watch that on new laying water has not got. If the rain gathers, surely close it polyethylene film.

6. When facing do space at most six centimeters. To fasten laying and wall, nails will be necessary for you long (10 centimeters). If there are no nails, it is possible to take normal wire from steel and to cut it. To strengthen apertures, crossing points from concrete will approach. Do laying accurately, without allowing distortions and slots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team