How to sheathe the house siding the hands

How to sheathe the house siding the hands

Any installation and construction work has set of secrets and not each master will be able to open them.

Siding – the construction material applied to wall decoration of buildings and houses, performing two functions: protection of the building against external influences and dressing of facade of the house.

The siding is aluminum, steel, vinyl, ceramic, cement and wooden.

All these types are applied to finishing of houses and buildings in different climatic areas.

Ideal and inexpensive option of finishing of the house siding the hands is the vinyl look. It is made from polyvinylchloride. It represents firm strips which are called in a different way panels. Each panel is monolithic leaf which is given the necessary form.

Tools which will be necessary for performance of this work:

Tape measure, pencil, lace, level, hacksaw or electric fret saw.

For surface preparation from it delete all excess unnecessary objects as, for example, old covering. Decide on furring under siding: it can be wooden or metal. Wood furring is more subject to external influence, but is more available option.

At initial stage have furring at distance from 40 to 60 cm from each other. It is quite possible to arrange between racks heater if in it there is need. Then begin to fasten starting level and several rows of horizontal panels. Finishing is made from below up.

If length of wall is more than the size of siding, then the first row needs to be exposed with the help laces or the laser level. Further external and internal corners are established, doors and windows are processed. The finishing panel is fixed in upper part of facade by the last.

Self-tapping screws of fastening of panels need be not to screwed up a little to consider atmospheric action and changes when heating by the sun.

If you doubt the abilities, then it is necessary to address professionals, but then your estimated cost of works will increase twice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team