How to sheathe wooden house siding

How to sheathe wooden house siding

Owners of the houses sheathed by wooden lining well know how many work and money are cost by maintenance in good condition of exterior of their house. That wooden facing kept decent look and did not decay, it should be painted each 2-3 years. The vinyl siding is that material which is capable to save owners of houses from external renovation of their dwellings forever.

It is required to you

  • - siding with set of standard profiles;
  • - carpenter's tool;
  • - fixture (nails, screws);
  • - wooden rail of 40х60 mm;
  • - tape measure;
  • - electric drill;
  • - level;
  • - plumb.


1. Prepare house walls for covering siding. Remove from them old facing, platbands, sun blind – all superfluous that is on walls. In the presence between logs or bars of slots, prokonopatta their tow, jute cord or lnovatiny. Seal with polyurethane foam all other openings: on inputs and outputs of pipelines and cables, etc.

2. Beat on walls obresht 40-60 mm from wooden rails, having arranged them vertically with step of 30-40 cm. Beat additional rails on internal and external corners, around window and door openings. The outer surface of rails of the obreshet has to be in one vertical plane. Check it by means of plumb. If necessary to podtesyvayta of log or insert under lining rails from scraps of boards.

3. Measure the surface of the house and count necessary quantity of siding. Increase the turned-out volume by the coefficient 1.1 considering losses on adjustment and cutting. Make the nomenclature of the standard profiles established near windows and doors on internal and external corners, in places of end joint of levels, in the bottom of and at the top of walls.

4. Fix in necessary places on lattice standard profiles: near-window, near-door, connecting, profiles for registration of external and internal corners, etc. At the very bottom of walls on their perimeter fix water-removing and initial profiles. Before fixing check vertical position and horizontal position of surfaces of standard profiles by means of plumb and level.

5. Carry out fastening of siding fixture with anticorrosion coating (galvanized nails or screws, aluminum nails). Diameter of hats of fixture has to be not less than 10 mm. The distance between places of fastening should not be more than 40 cm. Carry out cutting of siding file on metal, construction knife, scissors on metal or the Bulgarian.

6. Start facing of the house siding, beginning from initial level. Hook the lower edge of the panel for ledge of initial level (further – for ledge of underlying level) and pull it up to full connection with the lower panel then attach the top edge of level to obreshet rails nails or screws. Place fixture on the center of fixing groove. Between hat of the fastener and level leave small (0.5-1 mm) gap.

7. Provide also edge gap (in the summer – 5-6 mm, in the winter – 8-10 mm) between panels and standard profiles which have been fixed earlier – connecting, angular, near-window, near-door, etc. Such loose fastening of panels will give them some degree of freedom necessary for compensation of temperature expansions. Observance of gaps is very important requirement, its ignoring can lead to buckling and rupture of facing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team