How to soften water for watering

How to soften water for watering

Serious and well-read gardeners have no doubt that for high-quality care for plants water with which they are watered needs to be softened. Especially if such water – too rigid. What methods exist to make water optimum?

It is required to you

  • - filter;
  • - oxalic acid;
  • - drill;
  • - peat;
  • - wood ashes.


1. Consider that the softest and, respectively, resembling for watering of plants water rain is considered. You can collect such water whenever possible. However it is desirable to use for this purpose vessels in which water will not stand.

2. To soften normal I carry from water supply system, it is necessary to pass it through the household filter. After that it is desirable to boil such water still. However some experts do not advise to water vegetation with such liquid as it during boiling loses oxygen.

3. Address to specialized shop where everything is on sale for garden and kitchen garden. Consultants will prompt what means it is the best of all to get to neutralize water hardness most effectively. After application of such means, as a rule, water it is necessary to defend some time. Using it for watering, surely merge base layer.

4. You can try to soften water by means of chemical medicines, for example, to use oxalic acid for this purpose. But for this purpose it is necessary to calculate more or less precisely dose, considering water degree of fixity.

5. The freezing method is also suitable for softening of water. However consider that process of freezing has to be special. Crystals of water and crystals of salts which do water rather hard freeze with different speed. At first water, then – salts freezes. Therefore surely merge not frozen liquid and only after that use the thawed ice for watering.

6. If you are going to water plants on the street, then arrive as follows: add to the container with water for watering half teaspoon drills. Also for overcoming rigidity it is possible to add fresh peat to water (100 grams on 10 liters) or wood ashes (3 grams on liter). It is very effective method.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team