How to soften water for watering of flowers

How to soften water for watering of flowers

If you have seriously begun to be engaged in gardening, then sooner or later you will have question: With what water it is better to water plants. The best water for watering is rain water, and also thawed snow, lake, river. But if there is no opportunity to constantly get such water, then there is question: how to soften hard water?


1. If you collect rain water, then it is necessary to collect it in big clean vessels, stagnant water from barrel does not approach. The easiest way of softening of tap water by means of filtering via household filters and the subsequent boiling. But, there are shortcomings here. to water plants is not always recommended by such water as it is deprived of oxygen. But after all, if other options of mitigation are not available to you, then after all it is better to boil water.

2. Also you can make water softer, having added special means for neutralization of rigidity which can be got in shop. Later settle water several hours and merge base layer of this. Water is ready for watering. For mitigation you can use the chemical medicines containing acids, for example, oxalic acid. However for this purpose you have to know for sure degree of fixity of water and it is correct to calculate dose.

3. One of good ways of mitigation carts which has perfectly proved to be in life it is water freezing. Technology of such freezing consists in various speeds of freezing of crystals of water and impurity of the salts which are contained in water. Therefore this process yields beneficial effect only at the correct freezing. If just to freeze water, then all salts will turn into ice, and when defrosting will mix up with water again. Starting freezing, trace process. Salts will freeze the last and when remains to not frozen liquid a little, merge it. The drained water will also represent saturated salt solution, and the thawed ice – soft melt water. Otherwise freezing does not make sense.

4. For watering of street plants (it does not suit for room) you can soften water, having added to it 0.5 teaspoons drills.

5. The best option of neutralization of rigidity of irrigation water addition in it wood ashes or fresh peat is considered. For this purpose on liter add 3 grams of wood ashes. If you use fresh peat then proportion of 100 grams on 10 liters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team