How to solder package

How to solder package

Cheap and practical plastic bags have strongly become current the modern person. Enterprising hostesses use them for various domestic needs. Sometimes there is need to solder package to keep safe and sound things or products. It is for this purpose good to have near at hand the special device. If it is absent, try to use some checked make-shifts.

It is required to you

  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - device for welding the film / soldering iron / device for burning out on the tree / iron;
  • - nozzle on the soldering iron;
  • - metal plates / cloth or foil (roasting sleeve).


1. Fill clean package with things or products (for example, fruit, berries or mushrooms for freezing) and try to let out from it the air. For this purpose it is possible to use the vacuum cleaner, having removed all nozzles. It will make plastic bag more compact that is especially important when laying clothes and for safety of food.

2. Buy the special electric device for welding of polyethylene film (or tame zapaivatel for packages). It makes sense to have it always near at hand if you often work with polyethylene (for example, you contain greenhouses on the seasonal dacha or you reap big crop of fruits and you want to keep it).

3. Read the instruction to the thermal device and according to its recommendations make thermal seam. Similar devices are adapted for such works, and from you great efforts will not be required. As a rule, they are universal – them it is possible to solder package not only from polyethylene, but also from polypropylene film and also the laminated paper.

4. Prepare make-shifts which will help you to pressurize package. For example, put it between two pieces of metal (plates or just iron rulers). Free edges of bag have to act slightly from under press. Carry out on them by the heated soldering iron or the device for burning out on tree. Work carefully not to spoil material! Metal will act as the limiter and will not allow plastic to turn.

5. Use experience of some handymen and independently prepare nozzle on the soldering iron which will allow to solder film with big convenience and to make accurate seam. It is possible to make edge on sting, having bent piece of tin plate. Other option – to sting is attached the silicon lighter wheel. Or the plate from copper is displaced about tube, and in it couple of holes on diameter of splint (wire fastening) are drilled. The nozzle stretches on sting; further on it the cogwheel from copper is fixed by nail.

6. It is possible to solder polyethylene by means of the iron. Put the welded parts of package with an overlap, having imposed them from the back and front parties with equal linen strips (they have to be from 100% cotton or flax, without addition of synthetic fibers!). Priutyuzhte film, having heated iron sole to maximum temperature.

7. Instead of fabric as lining it is possible to use the cut foil or roasting sleeve. In this case enclose these materials from below of package, turn in the welded edge and cover it with new strip of foil (or the second half of sleeve). Having passed by the iron on all layers, remove lining.

8. At last, test one more widespread way to solder polyethylene. At first melt small amount of unnecessary plastic, then (so far she has not managed to stiffen!) drip it through connection of parts of package. After hardening of "glue" at you the seam will turn out quite strong (though not really refined).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team