How to solder the heat exchanger

How to solder the heat exchanger

To thicket normal in geysers, heating boilers and boilers copper heat exchangers are used. Advantages at these heat exchangers set: they are more durable, have high heat conduction and also provide to the unit high efficiency. However over time copper heat exchangers can be worn out therefore the house master has to be able to solder them correctly.

It is required to you

  • - soldering iron;
  • - brush on metal or abrasive paper;
  • - rags;
  • - solder;
  • - blowpipe;
  • - bathtub furnace;
  • - salts.


1. There are several ways of soldering of copper heat exchangers. The simplest – soldering by the soldering iron. You can choose this way of soldering of copper products in case damages of the heat exchanger insignificant. Besides this method of soldering is used only for thin-walled parts at temperature up to 350 degrees.

2. Before starting directly the soldering, surely prepare the processed surface: smooth out brush on metal or abrasive paper of edge, having removed all hangnails and roughnesses, and later wipe surface dry.

3. Then accurately apply special solder on copper surface and by means of the soldering iron solder the heat exchanger.

4. Solder massive heat exchangers with high heat conduction blowpipe. The procedure is preceded by the preparatory stage including elimination of agnails and careful cleaning of surface. For this way of welding of the copper heat exchanger use propane torch which temperature of contact flame does not exceed 250 degrees.

5. Professional soldering of tubular copper heat exchangers is carried out by immersion of these products in salt furnaces bathtubs. In this case salts are not only the main source of heat, but also have the fluxing effect. So, in the course of soldering of copper product the additional fluxing is not required.

6. If in bathtub furnace there is solder, then place in it the heat exchanger and heat this part in solder fusion: the melted solder under the influence of high temperature will fill all connecting gaps.

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