How to solve housing problem

How to solve housing problem

The most sensitive issue of modern society is housing. According to official statistics, on housing improvement hundreds of thousands of families stand in queue. Annually social housing is put into operation, but many times it is less of it, than it is necessary. To people it is necessary or to wait for execution of the dream, or to begin to take some actions.


1. Now one of effective options of acquisition of roof over the head is the mortgage. Many citizens are strongly frightened by the impressive amount of initial contribution, namely 20-30% of housing cost. If you have decided to take mortgage, then you need to find money, and it is possible to find them, having addressed to real estate agency. If to implement old living space for good money, then this sum will become the first step on the way to new life and the new house.

2. Future housing once will become yours property and therefore you will be able to arrange apartment to the taste. And here as for housing rented by you, it will never belong to you. And you will not be able to arrange everything as it would be desirable. Paying mortgage, you invest money in the future house, and the rent - is lost completely. However mortgage housing only in 15-20 years will become your property, and during this time either will decrease, or its cost will increase. Having sorted all these moments, most of citizens come to conclusion that after all the mortgage is more preferable. Therefore you need to decide what it is much easier for you to pay for: to extinguish mortgage loan or to pay the rent.

3. Young families most are in great need in housing. And if you are those, then you will hardly be able to dare to take mortgage. In this case rent of separate living space will become solution. At the same time the rental apartment costs rather not much, however most of young couples do not consider rent of housing favorable business. Even if and to exclude risks which can be connected with termination of the contract of rent and eviction money which is monthly paid to the lessor, simply go to "anywhere", and mortgage contributions gradually bring closer borrowers to the fastest full possession of the apartment. Certainly, the mortgage in this aspect is more favorable.

4. Besides everything listed, there is chance that you once in the future will become the full owner of housing acquired by inheritance. In other case the housing problem will be solved with the assistance of municipality. Generally, there is a lot of various alternative opportunities of the solution of housing question, however all of them are remote in time.

5. In case of fir-tree you have no housing at all, the city administration is simply obliged to provide you roof over the head. If to you have refused: like, there is no housing - take the room and make out as the temporary accommodation. Demand the living space, go to court. Surely control waiting list for receiving living space constantly.

6. To receive the state housing it is necessary to be registered. You will be put in turn if you live in the room which does not answer sanitary/technical standards. Open the Housing code and check, maybe, there are bases to register you, for example, in the presence at you privileges.

7. After with privileges and meters everything is found out, submit to administration of your city the application to which enclose the copy of financial personal account, extract from the house register, reference of healthcare institutions, BTI and other documents.

8. The state apartments are provided in turn under contracts of commercial/social hiring. Under contracts of sotsnaym it are provided to needy families. You can become the owner of such housing free of charge after signing of the contract of hiring in case of not use of the right for privatization. It is necessary to wait for housing from 5 to 30 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team