How to sort electric stove

How to sort electric stove

The electric stove is rather difficult engineering device demanding the qualified service and repair. However in certain cases its separate malfunctions can be eliminated by own efforts in house conditions. For this purpose it will be required to sort electric stove partially. It is necessary to do it after careful consideration and only at emergency.

It is required to you

  • - application guide of electric stove;
  • - set of screw-drivers;
  • - wrenches;
  • - knife.


1. Before disassembling the electric stove, disconnect cable of its power supply from network. Establish plate on the convenient location, if necessary having put forward it in the center of the room. Take care of that the place of repair has been well lit, and necessary tools were near at hand.

2. Turn out screws, located in right and left front electric stove corners (these screws the work table fastens to the basis). After that lift work table and prop up it suitable subject, for example, steel rod. Consider that depending on electric stove type the sequence of actions can differ a little. The basic principles of dismantling are important for you.

3. Disconnect rings. First of all, disconnect the wires conducting to rings previously having remembered or having written down order of their arrangement. Usually the ends of wires have the corresponding color tags uniform for all types of electric stoves. Turn off nut of ground wire. If the nut has rusted, previously enter drop of lubricating oil or kerosene into its thread.

4. In need of repair remove the mode switch. Disconnect the wires going to the switch and also wires conducting to the socket. Then turn out the screws fixing the control panel and remove the specified panel. In some models under the control panel other panel with the switches installed on it can be located. Disconnect switches, having turned out the mounting screws holding the panel.

5. After such partial dismantling replace if necessary faulty constructive parts of electric stove and make its assembly in the return sequence. Pay special attention to quality of connection of electrical wires. Consider that full dismantling of the electric stove can be made only by specialists of the service center.

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