How to sort energy saving lamp

How to sort energy saving lamp

If the energy saving lamp has ceased to burn, it not always means that it is time to throw out its in garbage. Unlike the normal glow lamp, it can try to be repaired. But for this purpose it is necessary to disassemble it at first.


1. Basic reasons of breakage of lamps two: combustion of the electronic scheme and burn-out of spiral of heat. To correct both of these troubles, it is necessary to open the lamp body at first. Take bulb, hook its cover by means of the screw-driver in the special places specified by shooters. Latches will open, and it is possible to start repair.

2. However if the lamp is used long ago, it will not be simple to sort it at all. Over time plastic dries, loses volatiles and hardens therefore it will not be possible to open latches easily for you. Try to use, on the advice of one of masters, disk mill of the small size. It it is possible to make with own hands from the site of hacksaw blade or to buy already ready.

3. To start analysis of lamp, for a start measure diameter of its body by means of caliper.

4. Then establish pin with mill in cartridge of the normal drilling machine so that the mill towered over the surface of the bed at distance twice smaller, than the body diameter of energy saving lamp.

5. Turn on the machine and carefully press the lamp body to mill so that rather small cut on external part of the body has turned out.

6. Make such cuts approximately through each one and a half centimeters on all body of lamp.

7. Take the thin screw-driver and accurately release body latches. Carefully thrust the screw-driver in the turned-out cuts and raise the turned-out "lobes".

8. Having raised each "lobe", take the screw-driver of slightly large diameter and by means of small efforts open the lamp body. The lamp is open, and after completion of repair she without effort can be collected back, having fixed connection by any glue for plastic or silicone sealant. In this case connection will be strength even if the body has been quite strongly damaged when dismantling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team