How to sort hours

How to sort hours

If hours are faulty, not superfluous will be to sort them and to examine regarding fault and possibility of independent repair. It is possible to sort hours as follows.


1. Remove back cover of the watch case, having picked up it knife or having turned off small screws. Thus, it is possible to understand at once whether the spring has burst, whether the wheel was bent.

2. If survey has not revealed malfunctions, we take out the mechanism. To start it is necessary to lower drum spring to take the winding stem and then the mechanism can be pulled out.

3. We check rotation of central wheel tweezers, we watch that it freely rotated and did not adjoin to anything. The drum, balance and spiral is in the same way checked.

4. We remove arrows, we release and we remove the dial. At first the second hand, then minute is removed. The hour hand remains on the dial together with which it is removed. We check condition of legs of the dial, we examine the point mechanism, hour and bill wheels. Then it is possible to check whether clockwork and translated levers are correctly fixed.

5. We remove the balance bridge with balance knot from platinum and we separate them spiral column screw otvorachivaniye. It is impossible to allow balance of the mechanism to hang on the end of spiral, taking out it.

6. We remove the anchor bridge with anchor. The drum spring has to be lowered completely.

7. We remove anchor, central, second and intermediate wheels. We check situation them for axes and coupling of each wheel with each other and gears, we examine teeths of gears.

8. The last operation on dismantling of hours is removal of drum from platinum. The drum opens and checked after that regarding condition of drum spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team