How to sort office chair

How to sort office chair

Practically all producers of office chairs at production put the assembly instruction in box. However often there is need of dismantling of chair. It should be noted that it is quite difficult to make it.


1. For work it is necessary to stock up in advance with the hammer, chisel or metal tube which has circular section. Diameter of tube has to be about 40 millimeters.

2. For a start establish chair about wall. After that get up legs on pyatiluchya facing chair and undertake armrests. It is the best of all if there is person who will be able to secure at possible falling. Shake chair in the parties for armrests and slowly pull up.

3. As a result the chair has to separate from the gas-lift. In this case invert the crosspiece the gas-lift down and accurately tap with the hammer on edge of the gas-lift. If it cannot be made the hammer, use chisel or metal tube. You remember - extremely it is not recommended to touch the center of the gas-lift. There the fixing bracket which is very sensitive to blows is located.

4. Also can be and other outcome of events - can separate the gas-lift from the crosspiece. It will remain in the swing mechanism. You hold chair so that the gas-lift stuck out down. Then try to loosen it blows of the hammer. It is necessary to knock on the top step. Do it accurately not to damage the gas-lift. It will be loosened and leave slowly.

5. After the gas-lift is separated, pass to pulling of wheels. In rare instances when pulling wheels, and they are pulled out by hands, the metal pin remains in the crosspiece. You will be able to get it by means of flat-nose pliers. It is possible to return it into place by means of hammer or manually. If it is necessary to remove the swing mechanism, unscrew four screws.

6. Before carrying out dismantling of office chair, it is recommended to consult with experts. Also pay attention - at independent dismantling you can lose guarantee for goods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team