How to sort the Bulgarian

The Bulgarian – very necessary tool in economy, and very offensively is when it breaks in the most wrong time. Repair of the Bulgarian can try to be made also in house conditions, but for this purpose it is necessary to analyze her at first.


1. To sort the Bulgarian – business difficult. This tool is calculated on very heavy loads, and parts specially fasten very densely that they did not move during operating time. It is the best of all to address to repair shop as unqualified assembly can lead to breakages and injuries. And to collect truly, without having broken anything and without having lost the beginning master it will be difficult.

2. Before analysis equip workplace, clear excess objects work table. The less unnecessary things, the it is less than opportunities to lose the necessary fine detail.

3. At first remove casing. For this purpose turn off bolt. But can be and sideways, and in upper part of the tool. The casing has to be removed rather easily. Having turned off the screw, remove plastic plate and shift external casing towards cord.

4. Bulgarians of different models are suited differently. The general for all will be availability of the electric motor consisting of anchor, the collector, the stator, brushes. Except the electric motor, obligatory part is the reducer, it helps to change the power and rotational speed. The engine and reducer are located in the body.

5. The reducer in the body is usually held by four screws. Untwist them, and then, it is careful podkovyrnuv the thin screw-driver, open cover. Before you reducer parts will appear. The gear on wave of anchor is supplied with left-hand thread and connected by it to wave of anchor.

6. To take out anchor, accurately take brushes, remove reducer and extend anchor from the body, holding for gear wheel. It is necessary to pull strongly, but it is very careful not to break it. If during the work there is sparking, and the body heats up, will be to take out anchor enough and to clean collector that the Bulgarian was suitable for work again.

7. If the Bulgarian does not join, most likely, brushes are faulty. Pull out them from the body and replace new. Also fault of the button can become the reason only. Pull out it and replace.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team