How to sort Thermex

How to sort Thermex

Duration of trouble-free operation of the boiler of Thermex depends on correctness of its operation and also care for it that means at least once a year to disassemble this water heater and to clean it.

It is required to you

  • - screw-driver;
  • - key;
  • - capacity for water;
  • - rubber hose;
  • - anode;
  • - chemical means for Teng's cleaning;
  • - knife;
  • - metal brush for ware.


1. Deenergize the water heater. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the boiler connected to network of power supply!

2. Uncover, located in the lower part of water-heating tank, and disconnect wires.

3. Drain water from tank: for this purpose put on rubber hose which diameter would correspond to valve diameter the spill valve of the boiler. After that open the valve and disconnect the pipe pumping cold water from the water heater (in advance block the pipe pumping hot water from the boiler). Let's water flow down: lower the free end of hose in sink or toilet bowl and leave for half an hour.

4. Find big bolts in the lower part of the water heater. Substitute some deep capacity under the boiler and turn off bolts. As a rule, these fastening elements densely adjoin to tank therefore it is necessary to apply many forces that to turn off them. If after several made attempts to turn off bolts all the same nothing left, remove the water heater, invert it sideways and lay on some plain surface, for example, the table - so easier will be to finish business.

5. Having undertaken hand electropart of the water heater, accurately pull on yourself (at the same time be attentive: if to pull, without having calculated force, it is possible to damage rubber gasket). Pay attention that near Teng the anode is located: its task – protection of the water heater against corrosion. The old anode is recommended to be replaced with new. As for Teng, it can be cleaned by means of special chemical means or to scratch knife, and then the metal brush for washing of ware. Do not forget to clean internal part of tank from outgrowths and raid - it is possible to make it even hand.

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