How to sow celery

How to sow celery

The celery has pleasant taste and amazing aroma. But many gardeners complain that seeds do not sprout, or fruits at root celery do not ripen. The problem is in the wrong crops. If to follow simple rules, in the fall you with pleasure will use fragrant spice.

It is required to you

  • - boxes for seedling;
  • - soil;
  • - celery seeds;
  • - spray.


1. Buy seeds in gardening shop. The celery is sheet, petiolar and root. Listovaya cannot sow in advance as greens will manage to grow also for short period – about 3 months. And other species of plant it is better to grow up at first houses in boxes or peat pots, and already then to land to the open ground.

2. Fill box with easy, but prime quality land approximately on third of total amount. It is abundant water. Let capacity will a little stand that in the presence of weeds they have ascended the first, and you could pull out them. Even the small grass can become the reason not of germination of seeds as celery at first very weak.

3. Wrap seeds in gauze and moisten with water – it will reduce the germination period. As seeds rather small, it is very difficult to sow their damp. Several days later shift them to dry napkin and wait until moisture evaporates. On it no more than an hour will be required.

4. Make superficial grooves and moisten the earth repeatedly. Accurately seed seeds that the distance between them was about 1-2 cm. Do not cover with earth. Irrigate landings from spray until green shoots appear. Try not to flood the soil, otherwise seeds will leave deeply and will not sprout. You carry out works on crops of spice at the beginning of February. It is possible later, but it is undesirable, it is impossible to foresee in advance in what month the first frosts will begin.

5. Place capacity with the seeded celery on window. Be irrigated landings daily that the earth did not dry up. Approximately in 10-15 days, shoots will appear. During this period they very weak, but gradually begin to gain strength. Accurately powder roots with thin layer of the earth.

6. Replace celery to the open ground at once as soon as the threat of frosts decreases. Further leaving consists in regular watering, loosening and removal of weeds. You carry out harvesting at the end of September or at the beginning of October.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team