How to sow lawn

How to sow lawn

The beautiful, bright, soft and well-groomed lawn is capable to change any area. They can be seen near houses, office buildings, in parks and even on the playground. The easiest and economic way to decorate the site is to sow lawn independently.

It is required to you

  • - fertile soil;
  • - phosphoric fertilizer;
  • - seeds of herbs;
  • - crushed stone;
  • - sand;
  • - rake;
  • - skating rink;
  • - seeder;
  • - watering can.


1. The first that you need to make is to pave the way. If fertile layer of the earth on your site less than 10 cm, then you need to replace soil. Deliver the earth on the site and distribute it uniform layer. Introduce phosphoric fertilizers at the rate of 200-400 g on one square meter.

2. Lawns do not take out excessive moisture therefore if your site is inclined to bogging, then it is necessary to do drainage. For this purpose, before stacking fertile layer of the earth, fill up the site with small filling brick and sand. After laying of the soil it is desirable to postpone zaseivaniye for several months.

3. The surface has to be ideally plain therefore if there are heights or hollows, then they should be moved away. For leveling it is the best of all to use small skating rink. By means of rake break all earth lumps, put away garbage and weeds. The earth has to be rather dense. Density of the earth can be checked as follows: take several steps on the site and look at your traces. If they deep, the soil too soft and friable if trace depth no more than 1 cm, it is possible to begin zaseivaniye.

4. Sow lawn on sunny windless day. It is better to use the special seeder, but if that is not present, then it is possible to sow seeds manually. Sow the site in parts. Allocate strip, 40-60 cm wide, water it from watering can or from hose with the spray. Uniform motions distribute seeds on the prepared strip (at the rate of 20-40 g on one square meter). Before landing of seeds surely study information on their packing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team