How to sow pansies

How to sow pansies

Pansies have also other name – viol. This plant is high on the list in floriculture and is one of early krasivotsvetushchy. Combination of colors and variety of colourings simply huge: from kipelno - white to black with various shades blue, yellow and red. In the center of flower there is spot of original coloring and form. Seed pansies on the site and enjoy beauty of these charming flowers.


1. Pansies are perennial plant, but most often for the third year they lose the decorative effect and badly winter. These plants can be sowed in two ways. In the first – they are sowed in hotbeds during the period from February to March, they begin to blossom in the middle of the summer and continue to blossom to the frosts. In the second case they are sowed on the garden site during the period since the end of June and until the end of July. But in this case they will blossom only next year in May.

2. Pansies it is better to grow up on slightly shaded or solar places. On the solar place they will have bright and large flowers, and in shadow they will longer blossom, but flowers will be less than the size and not such bright. These flowers badly transfer stagnation of water, especially to the spring period.

3. In midland pansies it is better to grow up as biannual plant. Seeds need to be sowed in the summer at the beginning of July. At later crops seedling, most likely, will turn out low-bushy and will not manage to get stronger before winter. At earlier crops the flowers will outgrow and will go to wintering weakened. For spring time of blossoming the seeds sow randomly or grooves in slightly humidified soil.

4. If you have decided to use pansies as one-year culture - them needs to be sowed in March, in the greenhouse or the room. In May it is possible to land safely in soil on the site. Pansies develop better in the soil rather friable and rich with humus. If you want the period of blossoming to have lasted as long as possible, regularly water and feed up plant, systematically delete the tied seed boxes and deflowered flowers.

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