How to sow primrose

How to sow primrose

The primrose can be met in gardens practically of any continent of the planet. Gardeners very much love it charming flower for variety and originality of coloring, for indiscriminateness in leaving and remarkable ability to blossom long time. But how the primrose was unpretentious to receive in the spring and in the summer bright elegant beds, it is necessary to be able to grow up it correctly.

It is required to you

  • primrose seeds, boxes for seedling, peat, the sheet earth, sand, fertilizers


1. Primroses prefer temperate climate and peat soils. They with success grow both in room boxes, and on open beds. Usually primroses get in specialized shops already bred and ready to blossoming, but they can also be grown up and independently from seeds. It is only important to provide their correct landing and care for shoots.

2. At the plants which are grown up from seeds, the period of blossoming drags on and the first flowers appear not earlier than in 5-7 months after landing. Therefore it is necessary to sow primrose seeds in advance: either in the early spring, or late fall towards the winter that shoots have managed to rise.

3. Seeds sow in the superficial boxes with drainage holes filled with mix of the sheet earth, sand and peat. As seeds at primrose very small, do not cover them with earth, and just scatter on its humidified surface. Then landing capacity is covered with glass and put to rather warm place (20-22 °C). The earth is regularly moistened from spray. Approximately in 12-18 days the first shoots appear.

4. After emergence of shoots, boxes with seedling are moved in the cool light room. The grown-up seedlings dive (thin out and transplant) in separate pots with friable nutritious substrate. At this stage it is not obligatory at all to seek to use big tanks for flowers – in the course of growth of primrose it will be possible to replace still more than once or in more spacious pots, or directly to the open ground. Important only at change to keep earth lump around roots not to damage them.

5. Care for primroses is rather simple and does not demand any special actions. There is quite enough regular moderate watering and fertilizing that plants well developed and actively blossomed. Important only during summer heat pritenyat primrose from direct sunshine to avoid burns and drying of plants. It is also necessary to tear off in due time withering flowers to stimulate emergence of new.

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