How to sow strawberry

How to sow strawberry

Now three ways of reproduction of strawberry are known: seeds, division of bushes and mustache. Most often gardeners use the first method. The fact is that it is better and simpler to seed strawberry, than to be engaged in division of bushes.


1. For a start we will consider reproduction of strawberrythe way seeds. Most often this method is used within selection works to remove new grades. The fact is that in this case not all properties from maternal plant will be transferred to young. It is the in such a way best of all to make multiple copies small-fruited grades of garden wild strawberry at which mustache are practically not formed. To receive seeds, it is necessary to collect some ripe berries at first. Then they cut off top layer. It is pounded on unbleached linen and well dried. Only after that it is possible to eliminate seeds easily. Further they are put on storage. Let's note, any seeds of wild strawberry have good viability only 4 years. Before being engaged in landing of seeds, they should be killed well for 3 days. For this purpose it is the best of all to use snow or rain water. It is necessary to change water not less than 2 times a day.

2. Further it is possible to consider reproduction of strawberry division of bushes. This way is applied only when there is big lack of planting stock or if it is necessary to execute urgently transfer of some plant varieties on the new place. This way can be applied if berry is 3-4 years old. Young plants cannot breed this way. Quite often division of bushes make reproduction of remontant strawberry. However only some of its grades which are specially removed for this purpose approach. It is the best of all to make change of escapes in the spring. During the summer the plant will get stronger and will be well made ready for the winter.

3. Let's consider reproduction by mustache. This way enjoys wide popularity as mustache on strawberry are formed for reproduction. Mustache can appear during mass growth of vegetative kidneys or germination of kidneys of new horns. At first there is formation of the socket of leaves but only growth of roots in soil begins then. As a result, each mustache will give life to one new plant of wild strawberry.

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