How to spin Rabitz netting

Rabitz netting – convenient and practical material which is very simple and convenient in operation. It is possible to apply grid to the most various economic needs. But most often with its help fence the territory. Such fence provides necessary airing and penetration of sunlight on the site. Production of chain-link does not demand spot welding unlike other materials received from wire. Therefore it it is easily possible to make with own hands, using for this purpose the self-made machine.

It is required to you

  • - tube section;
  • - plate;
  • - rollers;
  • - metal pieces;
  • - holders from bearings;
  • - welding machine;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - metal corners;
  • - file;
  • - abrasive paper;
  • - lubricating oil;
  • - wire hank.


1. The machine for weaving of grid of chain-link consists of thick steel pipe with the knife rotating in it made of the strip steel differing in high strength and hardness. Pipe length has to be such that in it it was possible to lay easily not less than three full rounds of strip. In pipe it is necessary to cut 4–5 mm groove of spiral form. For this purpose reel up on it spiral rope and depict it chalk. After that cut groove by means of the Bulgarian. Process places has spent on drink file and polish abrasive paper.

2. The end of the knife located in pipe has to rotate freely in it, and its end to leave it on 10–20 mm. That wire had not a snack, between pipe and knife leave distance, but no more than 1 mm.

3. Recede from edge of pipe on 4–5 cm and make round opening through which fix plate for coiling (flat steel strip) to the rotating handle.

4. Cut out two pieces which length has to coincide with pipe length from corner. Weld corners so that the pipe has appeared between them then fix the received design to the basis. Install the machine on work table through openings in the basis so that it was convenient to rotate at the same time the handle and to direct the interwoven spiral.

5. Operation of weaving on the self-made machine needs to be carried out in certain sequence. Wipe with the rag moistened with lubricating oil, the wire prepared for weaving then bend one its end in the form of hook and stretch it through pipe groove. Attach wire to knife edge. That the wire has got wavy form, begin to rotate the handle. Cut the received preparation on pieces which length has to coincide with the necessary height of fencing (if Rabitz netting becomes for fence) plus half of height of cell. Reel up ready grid on wave of the accepting drum.

6. During weaving it is impossible to allow wire sputyvaniye at all. That it has not occurred, put small piece of pipe in the middle of hank and suspend small cargo for the end of wire. After that spend the end through tension rollers between which expose distance by means of the screw.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team