How to stick swimming mattress

How to stick swimming mattress

Bathing on mattress – one of the most favourite water entertainments. The burst or made a hole mattress, of course, causes chagrin. It is on vacation possible to repair mattress by remkomplekt which is better for taking providently. In house conditions, it is simpler to repair mattress, and, above all, it is possible to make it much fully.

It is required to you

  • - material similar to mattress material;
  • - abrasive paper;
  • - glue.


1. Define mattress place of failure. If you were at the time of puncture on reservoir, then it is the most convenient to make it in the same place. Submerge mattress in water – from the place of puncture bubbles will go. In house conditions use of dense soap solution is possible. Having covered with it mattress, you will also notice bubbles in that place where the mattress is damaged. Note marker the place of gap.

2. If the mattress has dispersed on seam, then it is possible to try to weld it by means of the iron. If the mattress is soldered from two halves in such a way that seams have big space from edge, then it will be to make the easiest. For this purpose take the paper or the newspaper. Mattress put on rail with edge 3-5 mm so that the edge of rail has appeared in the place of new seam. In this place lay 2-3 layers of the newspaper on mattress, and then very accurately on the smallest temperature condition weld the place of rupture of seam anew, constantly controlling process. It is impossible to overdo the iron on material when welding mattress.

3. If the puncture is located not on seam, then smooth out place of failure abrasive paper, and then degrease by means of alcohol or cologne.

4. Use remkomplekt if it was on sale together with mattress. Usually it includes glue and material for patch, just the material piece on patch sometimes is on sale. If the mattress has no such remkomplekt, then it is possible to use residues of similar materials which are available in life – pieces of thin PVC, thin elastic rubber, for example, of economic gloves, pieces of tent fabric, old children's rubber rings, etc. Cut out patch of oval or round shape from the chosen material.

5. Grease the degreased surface of fabric of mattress and the patch with glue. On mattress the area on which glue is applied has to be slightly more area of the patch (it can be put to mattress and to circle with the handle or marker on the place of puncture). Then, wait about 20 minutes, and then apply patch into place and, beginning from the center, smooth it on mattress towards edges, without allowing formation of bubbles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team