How to stir concrete

How to stir concrete

At any construction there is question sooner or later: "How to stir concrete?". Without concrete it is impossible to perform many works, and reliability and durability of construction will depend on quality of its batch in many respects.

It is required to you

  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • - gravel or crushed stone;
  • - water;
  • - concrete mixer or shovel.


1. Prepare components for concrete: sand (it is better to take career, without clay impurity), cement, gravel or crushed stone (it is desirable granite), water. It is very important to define proportions of all components correctly. Carefully you monitor implementation of all recommendations of the producer as too small or large amount of water will lead to formation of emptiness in concrete, and the lack of cement will become the reason of early destruction.

2. If you have concrete mixer, use it for preparation of concrete solution. For this purpose turn on the empty concrete mixer, at the same time it has to be located at an angle 45º. Fill in water, half from cement, let us assume, of half-bucket. Afterwards send four buckets of gravel and within minute wash out it from dust. Then fill up cement bucket; after a while the laitance enveloping gravel is formed.

3. Gradually add sand (two buckets), watching that the mixing-up gravel crushed it under itself and evenly distributed it on all volume of mix. Allow the concrete mixer to mix mix within 2–3 minutes, at the same time the more inclination to the horizon, the more qualitative there will be mix.

4. Pour out concrete in wheelbarrow, capacity or directly on timbering. Fill in in the mixer of half-bucket of water and carefully wash out it. This water can be let to the following batch.

5. If you have no concrete mixer, try to make concrete manually. For this purpose prepare the place for batch – it can be the sheet of iron, plywood, linoleum or, as a last resort, equal allotment. Very conveniently small volumes of concrete to mix on table box that it was not necessary to bend down constantly and mix was at hand.

6. Take suitable board and give it the form of oar, with blades no more than 10 cm, it will be much heavier to interfere with wider shovel concrete. Nevertheless, if you have decided to use shovel, take sovok with the sharp end.

7. Fill the hill the prepared sand, make in it deepening and add to it cement. Then well mix and again create the hill with deepening. Pour gradually water so that it did not spread. Gradually, beginning from within, mix all components, you watch that solution did not become too liquid. At the end add crushed stone or gravel and bring mix to completely uniform.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team