How to stop pipe leak

How to stop pipe leak

The water temperature drops, its rigidity and low-quality materials used at production of pipes can lead to formation of gaps in services of heating and water supply. At once it is not possible to replace pipe or its fragment, as a rule. In similar cases it is necessary to stop leak, having executed temporary sealing of the damaged site.

It is required to you

  • - bicycle camera
  • - collars
  • - wire
  • - bandage
  • - cold welding


1. Block if it is possible, water supply. Wipe dry pipe and define exact position of the place of emergence of gap.

2. Most often the leak arises in threaded connections of pipes with fitting, knees or T-couplers. To eliminate it in these parts as the touch is possible reel up near the place of leakage rubber from bicycle or inner tube. Impose on one collar on fitting and directly on pipe.

3. In case the previous step has not helped to cope with the arisen problem, use special bandage of factory production. Only instead of elastic band which is included in sanitary repair kit take piece of rubber from the camera and reel up it to compensate difference of diameters of the connected elements.

4. Fix winding by clip. Do not pay attention to some roughness of its installation, despite this, the position of joint will be reliably recorded, and the leak - is stopped.

5. If the tear has appeared on the pipe, densely wind opening with piece of rubber bag. Fix it on pipe by means of collars or wire. At the same time arrange one collar in the place of leak, and two – on the parties from it.

6. It is possible to close opening bandage. For this purpose apply it to pipe so that it covered it on perimeter. Pull together design with bolts.

7. Use cold welding for course elimination. Cut off piece of material. Moisten hands with water and knead lump before formation of homogeneous plastic mass. Notice that it has to become sticky. Apply weight on pipe.

8. Pressing, smooth material until it does not stick to pipe surface. Then press down the put layer and you keep it in such condition of 20 minutes before hardening. Three hours later weight will finally grab.

9. Upon completion of heating season surely replace that pipe section in which the leak was formed.

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