How to store bulbs of plants

How to store bulbs of plants

Bulbous plants allow to create elegant flower beds in garden and on the balcony, to receive beautiful cut for bouquets and also to carry out winter distillation. Therefore enjoy wide popularity at gardeners.

Lilies and tulips do not love frequent change. They possess the gentle bulbs similar to garlic segments which badly transfer storage. For the winter it is better to leave them in that in the earth where grow, having taken measures of protection from destruction by frost. Prepare special boxes with mesh bottom. Put plants one even layer there. Then they will not grow mouldy and will not decay. Put boxes in the darkened place that plants have dried up. After that it is necessary to separate slots into bulbs, to clean from roots, stalks and scales. Bulbs it is necessary to pickle about half an hour in 0.5% solution of potassium permanganate.

You keep box in the cool place in the winter. For example, in the basement, cellar or the glazed balcony. Periodically spray bulbs with water to humidify them. Regularly check the room, you watch air temperature, it is good if it varies from + 1 to the +3rd degree.

Try to store bulbs with use of peat. Take plastic bag, make in it small openings. On bottom fill laying from peat about 10 cm thick. Lay even layer of bulb, from above again strew with peat-syptsom, but already 12-13 cm thick. Then again repeat number of bulbs. Tie bag and lay it in box. Check planting stock in the winter, remove in need of bulb with signs: decayed, mold or usykhaniye. Remove mold dry clean rag, cut off the putrefactive centers the sharp disinfected knife to healthy fabric, with further processing of cuts "brilliant green". Bulbs of kaladium will not sustain storage at cold temperatures. Temperature - 10-16 degrees Celsius is acceptable for them. Put them freely in sphagnum. And you carry out change in March. You store tubers of glorioza in sphagnum and monthly cut off all soft places if they were noticed. Other planting stock and part of damaged has to dry up well. Land glorioza in pot 2 months later after the beginning of storage or you hold till early spring to submerge in soil.

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