How to store cabbage in cellar

How to store cabbage in cellar

Among all species of cabbage the white, perhaps, most popular. Fresh keeps useful and tastes long time. The best place of its storage – the basement, cellar.

Conditions, necessary for storage of cabbage

The white cabbage is rich with potassium, vitamin C, tartanovy acid which has unique property to resist to set of excess weight. Success of storage of cabbage depends on several factors in the winter: conditions of cultivation, terms of cleaning, temperature condition.

Cultivation conditions

The lezhkost is badly influenced by abundance of rains at the end of summer. Heads of cabbage crack with surplus of humidity, badly remain. Also matters what fertilizers and in what quantity were brought under culture. Nitrogen fertilizers detain moisture, their surplus leads to rotting of vilok, and, therefore, their lezhkost decreases.

Cleaning terms

With cleaning white it is impossible to be late. On long storage it is removed in October, with approach of easy night frosts, fall of temperature can lead to podmerzaniye, and the frozen slightly forks badly are stored. Cabbage is cut down hatchet or big knife, cleaned from the top leaves, leaving two-three heads of cabbage covering for protection against loss of moisture and mechanical damages. If to store heads of cabbage in plans on weight, then they are unscrewed from soil with root and shake off earth lump. 

Temperature condition

Cabbage is removed in dry weather. Before bookmark to the basement of fork put in boxes and leave under canopy at several o'clock, it is desirable for the night that were cooled. In the morning vegetables take out in storage. For storage it is important to create and support certain level of temperature and humidity.

The best conditions – temperature of-1 - 0 C at humidity 90-95% and +1-5 C at humidity of 80-90% which support in cellar by means of the supply and exhaust ventilation made of pipes. Or just once a month is thrown back created on cellar, door in the basement and air storage.

As it is correct to store cabbage

On long storage put hard heads of cabbage, without any damages. Ideally the storage is equipped with trellised racks, width, by about 20-25 cm. Heads of cabbage display on small distance from each other, cabbage stumps up, having densely turned in newspapers. Also boxes with a capacity of 40-45 kilograms will be suitable for storage. Forks stack in one layer so that they did not adjoin.

The reliable way to keep cabbage till spring is to suspend on hooks. Root tie with cord, do loop and suspend head down. This way is good when in cellar there is not enough place.

One more interesting storage technique – in soil. Fence off cellar corner, fill damp soil, on it roots put forks.

Each storage technique of cabbage is good in the winter, can choose suitable under your conditions. Also do not forget to do periodically audit in cellar and to delete begun to rot, with symptoms of disease of fork.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team