How to store cement

How to store cement

Quite often at the end of construction and repair work there are materials which can be used in the next seasons. At the same time they need to manage to be kept correctly. One of the most necessary and whimsical materials - cement.


1. From long-term storage of cement, especially in bulk, its durability decreases therefore try to buy this material for the future. Annually cement can lose up to 40% of the activity. Therefore upon its purchase surely pay attention to date of production. If cement is on sale in all directions, then it is possible to determine its freshness by the following method: take cement handful in hand and compress it: stale will at once turn into lump. It is better not to buy such material, there will be a little advantage of it.

2. Cement very quickly absorbs moisture that brings it to unsuitable state almost instantly. Therefore it is very important to save it from humidity. Usually cement is stored in the dry and heated room. But also the shed or garage can be suitable for storage. The main thing that the room was without slots, with densely closed windows and doors. In summertime the storage under the dug-out canopy is allowed, but it is necessary to watch that the rain did not get on bags.

3. For protection of bags with cement from hit of moisture use wooden pallet which has to be on the eminence about 50 cm from the earth. As the tree well gives and absorbs moisture, you should not put bags with cement on pallet surface – better previously to lay under them polyethylene film, roofing material or the sheet of galvanized metal.

4. If you are going to leave bulk cement for storage, then it is necessary to keep it in dense boxes or in barrels. You can cover top with film or dense cover.

5. Also cement can be stored and in the open air. When laying bags it is better to differentiate each layer polyethylene film and to warm dense fabric. So, cover bags with film, then fabric and one more layer of polyethylene. That the protective layer adjoined densely, it is possible to beat it to pallet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team