How to store dahlias in the winter

How to store dahlias in the winter

Dahlias – the beautiful dolgotsvetushchy plants having various form of inflorescences and wide range of their coloring. Grades of dahlias great variety, inflorescences have them the different size and degree of makhrovost for what they are especially loved by collectors. In the fall tubers of this flower need to be dug out and sent for winter storage.


1. If the summer was rather warm and damp, then tubers grow the big size, fully ripened. After the first frosts, elevated part flowerof blackens also hangs. Sharp strong knife or secateurs cut off the stood escapes in 15 cm from roots, dig round bush and it is accurate, trying not to damage, take tuber from the earth.

2. Slightly rub off and shake off them from the soil and submerge in the spacious container with water, wash all rhizome from the earth and transfer to other container with potassium permanganate solution. Solution has to be average saturation, not light and not really bright. Leave tubers to lie in it for 30 minutes. These procedures allow to destroy pathogenic microbes and other causative agents of the diseases which are in the soil.

3. Get tubers from manganese solution and, having lowered rhizome down, put on paper towels that all moisture was absorbed and water has left hollow part of stalk. Such processing will allow to prevent emergence of mold which can ruin flower rhizomes.

4. In 10-12 hours when tubers completely dry, put them in the box laid by paper on layer of the earth or sawdust 3 cm thick. Having laid row, cover tubers dry with earth or sawdust that emptiness were not formed, then lay the following layer and fill up it. It is better to use sawdust of coniferous breeds, at the same time rhizomes do not dry up and perfectly remain till spring. Having filled box, cover it with paper and carry on storage.

5. You store boxes with tubers on racks in cellar at temperature of 3-6 degrees and humidity of 70%. Before landing get tubers, examine them and cut off the struck places to healthy fabrics, process cuts brilliant green and dry them.

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