How to store flour in house conditions

How to store flour in house conditions

Storage of flour does not represent anything difficult, it is enough to know some features. It is important to create necessary conditions, otherwise flour can be spoiled or will lose the tastes.


1. Right choice upon purchase. Flour, as a rule, is packed into paper opaque bags. It is necessary to examine attentively packing, it has to be hermetic and without damages. Also effective life should not be overdue or approach date of delay. The integrity of the package will allow to make sure of lack of insects.

2. Air humidity. The favorable rate of humidity is from 30% to 60%. It is, by the way, generally norm for premises. At the increased humidity flour grows damp and becomes lumpy. Small powder quickly absorbs moisture, and it is fraught with emergence of mold or insects. If after all flour has dampened, it is necessary to dry it.

3. Temperature. This indicator should not exceed 20 °C. For longer storage from 5 20 °C to 15 20 °C. For example, flour is stored in industrial conditions at low temperature (about 0th °C) that considerably prolongs its effective life. Indicators of temperature should not change sharply. It leads to formation of condensate which does flour damp. And, as a result, bugs are got, the mold appears.

4. Container for storage. If flour is bought, but is not used yet, it is better to leave it in original packing. If packing is opened, it is better to pour into glass container with cover or into special metal boxes for grain. It will protect both from excess moisture and from insects.

5. Small volumes can be stored in plastic capacity. But such material is not recommended to be used for the long period as plastic incorporates smells over time. Sometimes flour is poured into special sacks made of cloth. As protection against insects of wreckers it is possible to add several crude garlic gloves or dry carnation there.

6. Storing place. The place has to be dry, well aired, with temperature no more than 20 °C. As a rule, kitchen lockers perfectly for this purpose approach. Only it is desirable that they were located closer to floor. Thus, warm air and vapors which rise up will not prevent to keep product.

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