How to store gladioluses

How to store gladioluses

It is possible to store gladioluses in sack, in the lower office of the fridge. It is necessary to watch temperature. Gladioluses will die at subzero temperature. Sometimes flower growers do special cabinet for storage of gladioluses and fix it to external wall of the apartment. 

All winter it will be necessary to watch closely bulbous tubers. That thrips has not developed, it is necessary to put garlic between bulbous tubers, the way of processing by naphthalene will also approach.

Natural rest at gladioluses lasts about forty days. During this period the bulbous tuber does not sprout, even at stay in favorable conditions. On end of this period, the bulbous tuber can sprout in the conditions of heat and sufficient moisture. If there is germination, it is necessary to spread out to week of bulbous tuber about the room and to allow them to dry out. After that we place them in colder place.

After storage, in 20 days prior to landing it is necessary to increase temperature in storage. It has to be 12-15 degrees. Such actions will promote process of germination of land bodies. It is necessary to store gladioluses at constant control - in time to take sick bulbous tubers from all weight. Well to keep bulbous tubers, it is possible to use waxing. Good drying and cleaning becomes, and then bulbous tubers place in the melted paraffin. Its temperature has to be not higher than 35 degrees. The vessel with the melted paraffin needs to be placed in hot water in order that there was no cooling. Bulbous tubers need to be taken tweezers and to lower in paraffin for couple of seconds then to cool in water.

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