How to store gold

How to store gold

Gold rings, earrings and bracelets which we carry are exposed to environmental activity and thereof lose original attractive exterior. That jewelry throughout long time was pleasing to the eye gloss, it is necessary to store and wear them correctly.


1. In general gold – metal strong, it can keep the properties for years. However nevertheless take off jewelry if you are going to do household chores or to take shower. Such measures will protect favourite rings and chains from scratches, changes of color and darkening.

2. On vacation protect gold chains, bracelets and earrings from influence of sea water. Salt can damage steel springs in locks of these products. Besides, ornament can is banal "to departure" from you and to fall absolutely imperceptibly by sea floor.

3. Wipe the taken-off ornament with flannel rag or special polishing napkin, it can be got in any jewelry store. If in ring there is stone, clean the lobes holding it.

4. Put away the cleaned ornament to the dry place, far away from sunshine, humidity and others eyes. You store jewelry in special cases, in upholstered with flannel or other soft fabric. You do not store product with high test in one case, they can scratch each other.

5. Also you should not place jewelry with gemstones in one case. Consider that emerald – the most fragile stone, on its surface chips and scratches quickly appear.

6. Do not use cardboard boxes for gold storage, as a last resort, take polyethylene bag of the suitable size. Cardboard contains small amount of sulfur, and it can become the reason of emergence of dark stains on ornament.

7. You should not store expensive jewelry of gold in bedside table. The reliable safe which will protect gold from encroachments of strangers perfectly will be suitable for these purposes.

8. You store very expensive jewelry of precious metals in safety-deposit box. The limited circle of people will have access to it. Same treats ingots of gold and gold coins. Besides, you store ingots of gold in extra plastic packing.

9. Choose the bank which is rather nearby that in emergency situation quickly to address for receiving the property.

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