How to store things in the small apartment

How to store things in the small apartment

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8 places where to store things in the small apartment

How to store things in the small apartment - where to put and where to store? Even if regularly to get rid of unnecessary stuff, things are saved and saved. It is ideal when all system of storage is thought over. But it is frequent in standard dwellings and rental apartments not so.

What to do if additional furniture could not be put, and the order in the house is very important? Here the ideas of places for storage in the house to which you did not pay attention earlier.

Between ceiling and door there is a lot of place to hang up the accurate shelf or two. What there to place? Heavy, massive things will not approach. It is better to store:

Pay attention to wicker baskets and boxes with covers. Visually look fashionably and protect things from dust.  

Regiments it is possible to weigh not only over entrance, but also interroom doors. Appropriate such designs look in the hall and the bathroom.

Look at walls on both parties of door - the good place for multilevel shelves and racks.

It is better to use narrow regiments. It does not deprive the room of light and does not load it. Interesting options of extension of shelves on the next walls. Thanks to release of the lower part the interior of space is not overloaded and useful area for storage increases.

Windows also give the chance to work with space near them. Free space from window to ceiling will be haven for books, posters, albums with photos in rooms or mugs, pans, jars with herbs - in kitchen.

In pier between windows also do regiments. In this case we put at windows of blinds or rolshtor, simple curtains can act and break composition. It is better to think over registration of window.

Buy the simple regiments which are combined among themselves. they can always be rearranged as parts of the designer and to create interesting combinations in two-three tiers, symmetrically or to fix on shelves.

In kitchen, refusing long curtains, the wall under window is also released. Here the great place for the mini-storeroom or regiments with the equipment.

If you the fan of curtains then as the following option - the narrow racks or different regiments located on each side from window near walls.

Sometimes increase in depth of window space - the excellent decision. Big and long windowsills will be addition for storage for souvenirs, the necessary trifles and even books. Use wattled boxes, beautiful small baskets for various knickknacks.

If in the room several windows, then regiments can be made between batteries.

Or instead of windowsill to equip the vacation spot with additional trunk.

Of course, the cluttered-up corners do not paint anybody, it is better when they are freedoms. But at the shortage of the place why not to use this decision? Same regiments, cabinet, table and rack. Not widespread option - the angular place over sofa.

The small shelf about joint of two halves of sofa, you see, will prevent nobody. But will add places for storage:

Such angular shelf can serve in small kitchens as coffee table.

Various hooks and hinged baskets will help to get rid of cosmetic trifles and to keep order in the bathroom.

In headboard of bathtub it is possible to establish rack or modest regiments, depending on what there to store. But for shampoos, gels and oils precisely there will be place.

The place under the bathroom is just find for storage. Here can be both rag with bucket and solid stock of cleaning agents and all that is necessary for cleaning.  

The space under sink let does not vanish in vain: sink with curbstone where it is possible to store towels, personal hygiene means, different trifles. If nevertheless just sink symmetric small shelves along wall not bad serve.

Design option - folding shutter for sponges, trifles by external part of washing.

The small shelf between extract and plate - convenient option of placement for home decoration or products to which high temperatures are not terrible.

The narrow shelf along dining table - for sugar, salt, pepper and napkin holders.

By the principle of the superficial shelf it is possible to make the railing along complete kitchen.

Why not to win a little place from shutters of cabinets and interroom doors? Appropriate various systems pocket, ranks of hooks for jewelry and belts, the system of shelves on firm framework look. It is possible to store anything here - from various trifles to the hair dryer, creams, jersey and even spices.

Tried? Not simply we pile, and we store in piles, tying up beautiful tape. And better we remove in the closed boxes, suitcases or in fashionable box. Also we push symmetrically them under table. 

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