How to store to Cannes

How to store to Cannes

Still until recently to Cannes considered exotic flower. In midland of Russia, and especially in Siberia it could be seen, perhaps, only in botanical gardens. However now flower growers have learned to grow up successfully it and to try to obtain magnificent blossoming in conditions, extreme for Cannes, therefore this southerner more often can be met both in city, and in personal flower beds. So, examine from in several ways storage Cannes in the winter, the approved flower growers.


1. The first to sposobvykopayta Cannes to the first frosts also cut all peduncles, but leave leaves. Together with lump of the earth put them in the big pots filled with the garden earth. Transfer plants to the house and arrange near window. It is necessary to water flower moderately, approximately, time in one or two weeks. In the spring, at the beginning or the middle of March to stimulate growth of plant and forming of peduncles (at this time they already begin to be put), make the first fertilizing. Prepare infusion from humus and wood ashes. Fertilizing you spend each two weeks to disembarkation to soil. At the beginning of May the pot with Cana can be brought in garden to temper plant. However for the night it nevertheless needs to be covered. And at the end of May or the beginning June when the threat of returnable frosts passes, safely land to Cannes in flower bed.

2. To the second sposobnekotorya flower growers believe that Cannes rest is necessary in the winter therefore it needs to create it artificially. Dig out flowers in the fall, cut off both leaves, and peduncles. Replace in pots together with earth lump (as in the first way), bring to the room and put in the most cool place in the house. Humidify the surface of the soil of times or two in month. At the beginning of winter with the advent of the first leaves transfer Cannes closer to natural luminous source as then at plant the rapid growth begins, and take care in the spring of flower as well as in the first way.

3. The third to plant sposobvykopayta, cut off leaves. Wash out rhizome and dry in shadow (though some experienced flower growers consider that it is better to store them in cellar with earth lump). Lay them in boxes, pour sawdust. Thus, you store them in the cool place, periodically checking and if necessary humidifying roots. In the middle of February get them, examine and clean knife cut off the damaged and begun to rot parts. If necessary separate rhizome into smaller allotments. Powder all cuts with wood ashes or pounded wood charcoal and dry. Land allotments in pots. Prepare soil for Cannes as follows: take two parts of the garden earth, by one part of humus and sand. Feeder pochvosmes put allotments in this and powder them on two centimeters from above with soil. Water landings with warm water. In week the sleeping kidneys will wake up, and Cannes will go to growth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team