How to store tulips in the winter

How to store tulips in the winter

Tulips – beautiful flowers which blossom some of the first as soon as snow descends and will be warmed by the sun. Treat to family of lily family. To Russia are delivered at the beginning of the 18th century. Breed seeds, but most often bulbs. At the correct agrotechnology of cultivation do not lose the grade and remain large for many years. The variety of coloring allows to find to any flower grower what is pleasant to it.


1. For maintaining grade and in order that flowers did not become shallow over time, annually you carry out outplanting of bulbs. Dig out bulbs when the main part of leaves begins to turn yellow, and the stalk will become soft. For check wind it around finger. If it is so soft that it easily becomes, so it is time to dig out bulbs. Depending on the region of landing, it becomes at the end of May or in the first decade of June.

2. If you dig out bulbs earlier, then many children formed from maternal bulb just will not ascend as will not manage to gather the necessary substances and to get stronger. But also you should not delay with cleaning. If all upper part of flower dies off, and bulbs still will be in the earth, then from these bulbs there will be no children, and flowers will lose decorative qualities. The same occurs also at two years' overexposure of bulbs in the earth. Flowers become absolutely small, and the planting stock is absent.

3. As soon as you have removed all bulbs, at once introduce complex mineral fertilizers and carefully dig over all soil on the place of landing.

4. Scatter the dug-out bulbs thin layer under canopy or on roof. The room has to be warm and ventilated. You dry bulbs of 10 days. After drying remove old roots, the earth and the top scales which lags behind, and sort all bulbs.

5. Separately put the first grade - it is bulbs of 4 cm and more, the second grade from 3 to 4 cm and the third from 2 to 3 cm.

6. Scatter different grades in separate boxes. Thickness of fill has to be no more than in two layers. Carry away tulips in storage.

7. Support temperature condition in storage, the first 4 weeks at the level of 25 degrees, air humidity of 80%. Since fifth week, reduce temperature to 15 degrees. Every week reduce temperature by 1 degree and bring to optimum temperature – 12 degrees.

8. Before planting of tulips, and terms in different regions can differ from each other, but everywhere disembarkation is made before steady frost, gradually begin to increase storage temperature and bring to 20 degrees.

9. Plant bulbs before steady frost at distance of 15 by 15 cm in chessboard order, carefully to zamulchiruyta the soil, powder with thick layer of foliage or sawdust of deciduous breeds.

10. All winter tulips will be prepared for shoots and as soon as warms the first sun, at once will release the green boring, and soon and will blossom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team