How to straighten board

How to straighten board

Because of the properties wood is in demand when finishing rooms. It is natural eco-friendly material which does not emit hazardous substances and keeps heat. However during the work with it it is necessary to consider that the tree well absorbs in itself moisture therefore can lead boards. The equal crude board is surely deformed when dries. What to do if it after all has occurred? Actually it is a little options.

It is required to you

  • - plane;
  • - electroplane;
  • - parketoshlifovalny machine.


1. If it is a little boards, try to plane them manual plane. Having fixed board in motionless state, remove roughnesses from surface, however consider that what the sole of the tool will be shorter, than subjects high probability of the fact that you will not manage to get rid of wavy roughnesses of board. Therefore take the tool with long sole better.

2. For processing of large number of sawn timber use elektrorubonok - it is the easiest way to straighten board, to give it smooth look or to adjust to the necessary size. Unlike manual plane, for work with this tool there is no need to have long-term carpenter's skills; it has convenient design and the wide platform which allows to consider more than the processed surface and to avoid emergence of waves. Also record board and slowly remove warped its part, wide basis of electroplane after removal of deformation itself will come to the necessary plane. Consider at alignment of boards plane that their average thickness at the same time decreases.

3. As shift, you all the same will not manage to level each board so that to avoid further processing therefore when laying uneven sawn timber on floor pull together boards as it is possible more closely to each other and fasten self-tapping screws to logs. Be not frightened if after laying the your gender has begun to remind "fir-tree": somewhere there can be curved sites which have not got under log and have not been fastened by self-tapping screws. To correct this shortcoming, after laying of floor start grinding. Hire or buy floor parketoshlifovalny grinder and process all floor. If you are not sure of the forces, invite the expert who will perform this work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team