How to straighten wire

How to straighten wire

If you have decided to make any product of any kind of wire, before work it is necessary to straighten it. To receive equal material, do the following operations.


1. The first and most effective way: for a start accurately straighten wire hands, put it on plain and firm surface, for example, on table, then put on it metal bar or other equal and firm subject. Take for a drive her on table that the wire moved, pressed by bar. After several such passes it is possible to achieve very good result.

2. To straighten soft wire, insert one its end into vice and clamp, and insert another into cartridge of the hand drill. Make drill several turns, and the wire will quickly become straight.

3. It is possible to use the simple self-made device: hammer into small plate several nails at such distance that the wire through them passed hardly. Then stretch wire between nails several times. You quickly gain desirable effect.

4. Traditional method. Put short pieces of wire on firm, it is better metal surface and tap in places of bends the hammer, and then stretch under it wire. It is necessary to straighten iron or aluminum wire the metal hammer, and softer, for example copper — by means of mall.

5. It is also possible to try to use the following method: tie one end of long wire to the door handle, and then strongly extend it by means of flat-nose pliers. After that cut off the necessary, most straightened piece. It is impossible to tie wire to poorly fixed objects, for example, to the battery.

6. It is also possible to take rather long call which diameter will be a little more, than at wire piece, and then to stretch accurately through it. If there is no suitable tube at hand, drill opening of the necessary diameter in thick piece of wood and stretch wire through it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team