How to stratify (to cool) seeds for amicable germination

How to stratify (to cool) seeds for amicable germination

Often, having seeded seeds in the spring in full sootvetstviis the instruction on bag, we with regret note after a while: ""Eh, any boring, not viable seeds have turned out, old, probably... ""Actually, seeds of many plants very tugovskhozhy. To stimulate sunflower seed to germination, it needs to be subjected to cooling (as though it lay in the earth in the winter). Such influence by cooling is called ""stratification"" and very often only it can force some seeds sprout. The room of seeds during cold literally awakes strong sleeping germ and induces it to further development.

It is required to you

  • Seeds of vegetables, colors, fruit and berry cultures.
  • Box low flat with openings at the bottom for water drain.
  • Universal soil.
  • Fitosporin (medicine for fight against diseases to buy in garden departments).
  • Sand (it is so much that was enough to fill layer in 1 cm over soil in box).
  • Pan with water.
  • The fridge (if in it there is no place, then use street snowdrift for cooling).


1. In November-December you stack soil in box, from above you fill sand layer, you spill Fitosporin's solution (according to the instruction to medicine). Supporting soil in damp state, you store box 3-4 weeks in the warm place. Purpose: to neutralize pathogenic microorganisms in soil and to provide optimum microflora for future sprouts.

2. In December-January you display seeds on gauze sacks. Mark everyone not to mix seeds (it is possible to attach tin pieces from beer cans from vydavlennoyn them rod grade inscription). Stack sacks in water and, changing its once a day, you hold 2-3 days before swelling of seeds.

3. Spread out seeds in soil (it has to be damp, but not wet!), small - from above, large - bury at 0.5 - 1 cm. Wrap box in perforated film (cut through several small openings) and then in the newspaper. Lay on the lower shelf of the fridge. You hold there till March, then expose box in heat on prorashchivaniye. If you spread box in snowdrift - fill from above snow and turn in the newspaper, it will protect top layer of soil from unintentional mechanical damages. Dig out ""peshcherka"" at the bottom of snowdrift and enclose box whenever possible horizontally there. Snow has to lie directly over the newspaper and in the spring, thawing, to saturate soil with moisture, stimulating germination. At the end of March get box and also expose in the warm and light placement on prorashchivaniye.

4. The list of plants which seeds it is possible and needs to be stratified: vegetables (leek, celery, parsnip, parsley, carrots); flowers one-year (alissum, aster, chrysanthemum, lavater, godetion, tobacco fragrant, phlox, etc.); flowers long-term (onions decorative, delphinium, kupalnitsa, lavender, primrose, monk's-hood, crested bird, hellebore, etc.); fruit and berry (apple-tree, pear, sweet cherry, cherry, apricot, peach, sea-buckthorn, wild strawberry, etc.) ornamental shrubs (dogrose, barberry, Derain, etc.)

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