How to strengthen the earth

How to strengthen the earth

Under the influence of underground waters, wind and also other climatic factors the territory with the weak soil is subject to reformation and destruction therefore even the building built on the site can be damaged.

It is required to you

  • - plants;
  • - water;
  • - shovel;
  • - stones;
  • - concrete and masonry units;
  • - logs;
  • - anchors;
  • - hand roller;
  • - geomats.


1. If the slope is insufficiently big (to 8%), can strengthen the earth, having planted plants of horizontal and vertical action and trees. The root system of vegetation contacts the soil and interferes with its washing away and erosion.

2. In case the slope bias from 8% to 15% and it is used in the decorative purposes, can strengthen the earth plantings, pebble and stones. The rhizome of vegetation will intertwine with soil layer and additional strengthening (in the form of stones) that as a result considerably will strengthen the earth.

3. Before starting strengthening of slope, calculate soil pressure. For this purpose perhaps it is necessary to use the help of design engineers. After that choose the strengthening material which will be used in this case. Then define zones of strengthening and the sizes of necessary anchors.

4. More often normal for strengthening of the earth geomats are used. Before laying of this material level surface of slope and put away all garbage. Condense surface, using for this purpose hand roller weighing 20-30 kilograms. Dig anchor trench (at the slope basis and also near bottom edge) which depth has to be thirty centimeters. Surely create drainage system - ditches, various trays and other stacks for water. By means of dowels or anchor bolts fix the upper edges of geomats. In lengthwise direction the overlap of separate cloths has to make about fifteen centimeters, in transverse direction – twenty centimeters. When fixing geomats on steep slope additional anchors with step in half-meter are used. If the bias average, then quantity of necessary anchors pays off taking into account two anchors on one square meter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team