How to struggle with Colorado beetle on personal plot

How to struggle with Colorado beetle on personal plot

On each kitchen garden in our country it is possible to meet the growing potatoes. Thanks to the tastes he has received the name "the second bread". Potatoes are eaten willingly by people of different nationalities. But the good harvest will not turn out without competent leaving. Besides the correct cultivation it is also regularly necessary to struggle with insects wreckers on your kitchen garden.

One of the most dangerous wreckers for potatoes is the Colorado beetle. It represents small bug up to 10 cm long with reddish or yellow coloring. On its upper part are located several black strips that gives it the memorable look. The Colorado beetle in the soil at depth up to 1 m winters. In the spring with the advent of warm days he gets out and begins to eat around young tops of vegetable. Females of bug lay eggs on bottom side of leaves. Then from eggs in 7-15 days there are larvae which also eat plant tops of vegetable. In 20 days of larva go to the soil on depth up to 10 cm and pupate. Then bugs are again formed of dolls. During the season it can be formed to three new generations of Colorado beetles. Bugs do special harm to potatoes during budding and blossoming when tubers begin to be formed.

The main actions directed to fight against Colorado beetle

For fight against Colorado beetle it is necessary to carry out the correct care for potatoes on your kitchen garden. As soon as have noticed appearance of this wrecker, at once begin regular collecting it manually in special capacity for further destruction. For convenience add a little water with kerosene that bugs did not creep away in different directions to capacity.

During landing time of potatoes it is necessary to introduce complex mineral fertilizers. As soon as larvae have gone to the earth for okuklivaniye - to make loosening between furrows on depth more than 10 cm. It is the best of all to repeat this process every week. Also during earthing up surely cover with earth the lower leaves on which eggs of Colorado beetle can be located.

Before harvesting in week mow tops of vegetable, thereby you deprive of bugs of necessary food. After cleaning of potatoes carefully collect all remains of tops of vegetable and burn. Also the tops of vegetable can be used as bait. Colorado beetles will accumulate in heap of tops of vegetable, and then they can be destroyed easily.

In the fall surely carry out deep digging up of the soil. It will allow to reduce quantity of bugs by the next year significantly.

How to get rid of Colorado beetle folk remedies

Besides all sounded actions for fight against Colorado beetle various folk remedies are also effective.

During spring redigging of the soil together with organic fertilizers bring small amount of wood ashes. It negatively affects emergence and distribution of this dangerous wrecker. Also during blossoming of potatoes it is possible to strew with ashes potatoes tops of vegetable.

During landing time in holes it is put, in advance prepared onions peel. Bugs do not transfer the smell which is formed during its rotting.

Besides these ways also others are known: use of solution of acetic acid, infusion of mustard and others.

Before blossoming prepare infusion of wood ashes. It is dissolved with water bucket, boiled on weak fire about an hour, then draw two days, add piece of laundry soap and spray plants.

Fight against the wrecker chemical medicines

Not always folk remedies help to save potatoes from eating by Colorado beetle. Then they are succeeded by chemical medicines.

Very often apply various insecticides to spraying of potatoes, for example rovikurt, the sonnet, Inta-Vir and others. The main thing is to observe strictly the instruction and to use personal protective equipment: respirator, gloves, dense clothes, points.

Solutions of medicines apply on potatoes bush surface, it is desirable either in the morning, or in the evening in dry windless weather.

It is impossible to apply the same medicine more than two times, and the last spraying is carried out no later than 3 weeks to harvesting.

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