How to struggle with flies in the city apartment

How to struggle with flies in the city apartment

Very often in our kitchens the flies live even in the winter, not to mention summer. And , naturally, they very strongly annoy owners. But, nevertheless, fight against flies will help to defeat them.


1. The main condition of lack of flies — empty garbage can. Do not forget to throw out daily garbage, without waiting until it is overflowed. 

2. Many leave fruit and vegetables which have not managed to eat at supper, for the night on kitchen table. And let you cover fruits with towel - it is mistake. Remove them for the night in the fridge, and  it is even better - try not to hold fruit on table and during the day, have eaten — remove. 

3. Wash out the fruit and vegetables bought in shop in hot water, or just drench with boiled water. Then if on them there were eggs of flies, they will surely die. 

4. Carefully wash out places where at least not for long there were begun to rot vegetables.

5. Sometimes flies and midges appear from behind dampness therefore try not to be overzealous with watering of flowers. If flies were got in flowers, then it is necessary to dry completely the soil and to process it insecticide for plants, and it is the best of all to replace the earth. 

6. Also house front sights very much love cages with animals and cat's trays. Therefore you keep them always clean. And surely remove food of pets, without allowing it to spoil.  

7. Domestic flies can live in pipes, drain barrels and ventilation. Therefore it is useful to check and clean all systems from time to time.  

8. And, of course, regularly wash and disinfect kitchen. Then flies will cease to bother you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team