How to struggle with Kyla of cabbage. Causes of infection.

How to struggle with Kyla of cabbage. Causes of infection.

Kyla is one of the most dangerous diseases of cabbage which activator is the parasitic fungus. He lives and develops at the expense of plant owner, taking away from it necessary nutrients. As a result of disease the heads of cabbage on cabbage are not formed, and the soil for several years remains infected with this parasite.

Infection with Kyla cannot be considered on young seedling of cabbage, it can be seen only on adult plants where it develops quickly enough. In sunny weather on sick plants the leaves podvyadat, and lower kind of creep on the ground. In this case it is recommended to dig out one plant and it is good to consider its roots. If on them there are outgrowths of various form and size, cabbage means it is infected by Kyla. Such plants stop the development and formation of heads of cabbage. Nutritious elements from the soil arrive, mainly, on development of outgrowths. 

At rather early detection of disease it is possible to try to correct situation. For this plant it is abundant water and highly hilled. But even in this case you should not wait for big crops of cabbage. When growth of plants comes to an end, in outgrowths mushroom disputes ripen. And thanks to influence of moisture and action of soil microorganisms, outgrowths on roots of cabbage begin to rot and decay, and the disputes which are in them get to the soil and infect it, keeping the viability within several years. 

For emergence kil there are several reasons. It can be low sites with constant stagnation of moisture, the sour soil, non-compliance with rules of crop rotation. On those sites where in the current year has been found kil, the heads of cabbage should be cut off, and then not to pull out some cabbage stump, and to carefully dig out them. Stumps together with lump of the earth are recommended to be taken out from the site and to dig to the earth in rather deep hole. Development kil can be prevented entering into the soil of lime. Such procedure is carried out in the fall. For the same purposes use also wood ashes. On the site infected with Kyla within 4-5 years it is impossible to grow up any cruciferous plants.

For prevention of disease seedling is grown up in the fresh earth, hotbeds and greenhouses disinfect and when plant seedling on the constant place, spill each hole lime milk. For preparation of this solution of 800 g of lime slaked lime part in 10 l of water, in hole pour out 2 glasses of medicine. 

To reduce development probability kil, it is recommended to buy the cabbage seeds resistant to this disease. 

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