How to struggle with plant louse

How to struggle with plant louse

Plant louse – the malicious wrecker of house and garden plants. She lodges on fresh greens and exhausts juice from leaves. In the spring these insects strongly breed, the peak of activity comes to the beginning of summer. The congestion of plant louse can be seen with the naked eye, the leaves and buds struck with her dry up and fall off. Not to ruin the plants, it is necessary to struggle with this wrecker.

Insects and plants in fight against plant louse

On the garden site attract those insects who destroy plant louse to the plants. In this case you will be helped by ladybugs. Plant spicy greens (fennel, parsley, coriander) around fruit-trees and bushes. While greens grow, it will frighten off plant louse from the lower branches with fruits, the truth itself will turn out quite sickly. But in the winter ladybugs who will reduce in the spring quantity of plant louse on the site significantly will find haven in its hung small stalks.

You watch quantity of garden ants in garden. They eat sweet nectar which is produced by plant louses therefore care for them and part colonies. To control population of garden ants, water their expanded families with boiled water. Limit access of ants to garden plants by means of the adhesive tapes or grooves covered by polyethylene and filled with water. Both for room, and the way at which place fragrant geranium near the struck greens will be suitable for some garden plants. The plant louse does not transfer the neighbourhood with this flower. Natural structures for disposal from tlidlya processings of houseplants dissolve 50 g of laundry soap in 2 liters of hot water. The received cooled structure and cotton pads carefully wash out the plants. In about five days repeat all procedure. For fight against plant louse on the seasonal dacha prepare tobacco infusion for spraying of plants. Fill in in bucket 600 g of tobacco with 10 liters of hot water, cover with cover and leave to infuse on couple of days. Then filter and add 10 more liters of water with the small piece of laundry soap dissolved in it or 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent. The soap component in solution is necessary that the structure was washed away from leaves of plants not at once. Stir in bucket of kilograms of ashes and 8 liters of boiled water. Leave for insisting for two days, then filter and bring the remained liquid volume to 10 liters otstoyanny water. Spray garden or house plants with the turned-out structure. Prepare broth from tops of vegetable of tomatoes. Fill in with water four kilograms of the crushed fresh tops of vegetable and insist three hours. Then put capacity on fire and boil minutes 20. Filter and dilute the received broth twice with water with small piece of laundry soap. Gather pailful of wormwood, celandine, tops of vegetable of tomatoes, arrows of garlic and densely stamp. Fill in with water. Leave for two days under cover. In other bucket stir ashes in water in proportion 1:10. Then filter both solutions and mix them, having added laundry detergent or laundry soap. Spray with the received structure the plants every week all season. The chemical compositions for destruction destroy tlikhimichesky medicines not only mean, but also useful insects therefore you pass to their use when already other ways do not help. For houseplants it is possible to use Agravertin and Fitoverm. Process garden plants before emergence of kidneys Inta-virom, Fury, and in the summer them alternate to "Spark" and "Commodore". Study proportions and methods of use of these medicines according to the instruction on packings.

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