How to struggle with plant louse on roses

How to struggle with plant louse on roses

The rose – the queen of garden, nevertheless, is very subject to various diseases, it is often struck by wreckers, especially plant louse. How to struggle with plant louse on roses to give the chance to roses to blossom as it is possible more magnificently and longer what means can be used against plant louse – each flower grower thinks of it.

Fight against plant louse has to be systematic and constant, only in etm case it is possible to hope for success. Means from plant louse can be bought in Priroda shop, and it is possible to try national methods.

What she is plant louse on plants?

It is not so simple to find this wrecker, so he is imperceptible and ordinary-looking. On flower the plant louse can have the different coloring masking it under color of foliage, small stalks, ovaries. 

The plant louse in stage of eggs winters, in the spring quickly goes to growth and strikes young gentle leaflets and the first peduncles. This wrecker predstavlyalt danger the ability to breed very quickly and to literally exhaust all juice from plant.

The struck leaves and buds of roses darken, dry up and disappear. At strong defeat of plant louses the flowers and stalks and all bush of rose perish.

On flower plant louse - what to do?

For processing of rosebushes against plant louse it is possible to use different, including folk remedies. Among them is much enough simple and not demanding long preparation:

  • It is possible to delete mechanically colonies of plant louse on flowers, having picked up piece of fabric and methodically destroying its congestions.
  • The water jet will also wash away the wrecker, but you should not use these methods too often, and at large number of pink bushes it is unproductive.
  • Ashes destroy plant louse: it is necessary it is abundant to sprinkle bushes, but you remember that this means is capable to cause plant burn. It is more convenient to use cindery infusion – lye with addition in solution of shaving of laundry soap. Bushes need to be sprayed in the morning, in clear windless weather.
  • Well also infusions of herbs, especially celandine and nettle help. They need to be filled in with water and to insist day, then to filter and spray rosebushes from spray.

To avoid flash of this wrecker, it is necessary to remove since fall all fallen-down foliage from under bushes, to sprinkle rosebushes urea, and in the summer, during the active growth of bushes, it is surely abundant to water the soil under them.

Actually the vpola can struggle with plant louse on plants in garden, but it is necessary to do it systematically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team