How to struggle with sparrows

How to struggle with sparrows

Sparrows are omnivorous birds. In it both their advantage and their harm also consists. Eating wreckers, they protect plants and trees from mean insects. However at the same time they eat also both fruit, and grain that leads to the fact that they obklevyvat fruits of trees and crops on fields.

It is required to you

  • - basin or big pan;
  • - the cheapest grain – 1 kg;
  • - red pepper - 3 packs;
  • - old compact disks;
  • - fir-tree rain;
  • - threads;
  • - air rifle;
  • - sheet of paper;
  • - vegetable grid;
  • - Birds Free gel;
  • - ultrasonic repellant of birds.


1. Lay out grain in basin and strew it with red pepper. Carefully mix that pepper was evenly distributed among grains. Fill several handfuls in those places where sparrows usually gather. If they peck out grains from arable land or beds, try not to pour this mix all earth in a row, and fill it on the foreground, for drawing attention of sparrows. Repeat this procedure 2-3 days until sparrows understand that to peck what grows on your site it is inedible.

2. In those places where sparrows gather and which need protection tie to compact disks of thread and hang up them at distance about 10 cm from each other. Near them hang up bunches of fir-tree rain. When wind rises, disks will begin to tap the friend about the friend, and the fir-tree rain will begin to rustle. These sounds will frighten off sparrows, but in windless weather such devices are ineffective.

3. Fill a little grain on the open place. Break off the sheet of paper on small scraps and moisten them with water. Roll from them balls, open air rifle, load them in trunk from barrel and only after that prepare it for firing. Wait for arrival of sparrows, wait when they gather in heap near grain and begin to fire at them. Pieces of paper, unlike lead pools, will not do them serious harm, but will be able well to frighten. Repeat such ambushes through uneven periods.

4. In garden or country shop buy vegetable grid (other name – grid from birds). Cut it on the necessary pieces and tighten it open-air cages, pull over beds and wrap in it trees with bushes. It does not take away sparrows from your plants, but will significantly complicate rasklevyvaniye.

5. In specialized shops or on the Internet, buy Birds Free gel and cover with it around that territory which you want to protect from sparrows. This harmless gel shines in the ultra-violet range and frightens off all birds. Other option – buy ultrasonic repellant of birds, include it and establish so that the territory with a radius of 20 m around it included the sites needing protection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team