How to struggle with the whitefly in the greenhouse

How to struggle with the whitefly in the greenhouse

The whitefly treats mnogoyadny wreckers and can strike all plants growing in the protected soil i.e. in the greenhouse. In the southern areas it can develop also in open space. What is the whitefly and as to struggle with her?

The whitefly willingly damages tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, pepper. She represents little insect to 2 mm two pairs light wings long and body of yellow color. The wintered females lay eggs on bottom side of leaves of cultural plants. Therefore it is very difficult to notice appearance of the whitefly in the beginning. One female postpones until 120 eggs, and time of development of one generation is only 25-30 days. During the season several generations of these wreckers can be formed. Then females together with larvae stick to leaves of plants and exhaust from them juice. After these wreckers the black raid which interferes with normal development of plants is formed. Leaves begin to disappear, and cultural plants have oppressed appearance.

Fight against the whitefly in the greenhouse has several stages. At the first stage at the beginning of garden season after appearance of this insect hold some events. First of all at once delete the struck leaves on plants. Upon termination of the period of vegetation carry out the first spraying of vegetable cultures by chemical pesticides, for example rovikurty, tamreky or fufanony. It is necessary to observe urgently the instruction to application. After chemical treatment are oppressed by medicines of plant and for their fast restoration use various growth factors.

If the special threat of yield loss does not exist, then it is possible to use folk remedies. First of all to prepare infusion of bitter wormwood (plants fill in with boiled water and leave for 2-3 days). It is possible to add dandelion flowers to it. Infusion of pharmaceutical camomile is also effective against the whitefly. It is prepared so: on 1 kg of the crushed leaves and inflorescences add half-bucket of hot water and insist within 12 hours. Then add small amount of laundry soap and dilute with water by 3 times. Further just spray plants in the greenhouse. Even for fight against the whitefly in the greenhouse it is possible to prepare infusions and mustard decoctions, tobacco and pepper. Such processings it is possible to spend each 15-20 days.

Besides various sprayings of vegetable plants there are preventive actions during the whole season. The whitefly prefers to be brought on the bought flowers and houseplants which can appear in your greenhouse in the summer. Before bringing them to the greenhouse check for presence of this wrecker. Regularly you carry out weeding of weeds. To reduce the number of butterflies it is possible to hang up sticky fly trap or to get special yellow glue traps. The whitefly perfectly distinguishes colors and prefers this. For the night to the greenhouse it is possible to put the lit lamp. With nightfall it will depart on light, will burn wings and will die.

After harvesting from the greenhouse delete all remains of plants and carry out disinfection of the room by medicine carbophos. If have not managed to make it in the fall, then in the early spring to the greenhouse it is possible to put sulfuric smoke grenades. Then it is dense to close it on couple of days. Many wreckers after this procedure will die.

The whitefly treats some of the most dangerous wreckers in the greenhouse and fight against it needs to be begun right after its detection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team